RunThroughMedia LLC Announces Launch of New Digital Marketing Services

February 13, 2016, Dublin, CA, USA- RunThroughMedia LLC has been offering top-notch digital marketing services to clients for years, and has helped businesses worldwide gain high ranking on major search engines. The RunThroughMedia team has recently launched a new suite of services that can help website owners improve their ROI and advance their reach beyond US boundaries.

According to company’s spokesperson, Jeremiah Faria: “We’re a team of innovators, developers, programmers, designers, and marketers, combining our skills and creativity to improve your business. When the RunThroughMedia team works for you, you are virtually getting multiple more minds and talented professionals to work for the improvement and development of your business. On the less professional side, we are extremely friendly people who are dedicated to good results and believe in establishing positive relationships with clients.”

What makes RunThroughMedia unique is that it specializes in using the right mix of technologically advanced expertise, original ideas, tactics and innovation to provide solutions that can deliver positive results for businesses of all sizes.

While elaborating further, Jeremiah Faria said: “We present our clients with a whole wide range of digital and optimization services that’s inclusive of Ad Placement and Optimization, Pixel Perfect Code, CSS, SEO, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, AB and MVT Optimization, SQL, Unit Tests, Build Integration, Brand Management, API Optimization, and more. These are just the ones we can roll off our tongues quickly. Essentially, we are an innovation-focused, technologically advanced, results-oriented team. To summarize, we take your business to the next level by bringing creativity and technology to your organization.”

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About RunThroughMedia LLC

RunThroughMedia knows how to build clients’ business and their trust with proven results. They know how to customize strategies for each client that can convert the increased traffic, into leads and sales.

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RunThroughMedia LLC Develops New Mobile Advertising System

RunThroughMedia, LLC is a digital marketing firm based out of Dublin, CA. The company has developed a new mobile advertising system that they believe will create maximum value for their clients at minimal cost.

Dublin, CA-01/12/ 2017—Today’s world is a mobile world, and RunThroughMedia, LLC understands that the key to value is providing Smartphone focused solutions. The company is best known for its innovative Instagram campaigns that help their clients get in front of the right audience. RunThroughMedia understands demographics and believes that the key to brand recognition is to be right in someone’s pocket, literally. “Every time someone looks down at their phone, there is potential to have someone’s brand right there in front of them,” says spokesperson Jeremiah Faria. “Developing an app, or a mobile marketing campaign-these things put your logo and your brand in front of your audience, and if you can engage them and associate your brand with something enjoyable, well, all the better.”

The company believes that apps are a perfect way to achieve brand recognition and associate a product with happy feelings, and have developed several mixed media solutions to tap into this audience. Run Through Media is not only an app development company, but also provides more traditional digital marketing options, such as SEO, Ad Placement and Optimization, Web Development and Content Marketing.

“We are a digital marketing and web development company,” says Jeremiah Faria, “but we also want to focus on technology that is new and exciting, as well as, having potential to carry our client’s brand forward in the next six months to a year. For this reason we have developed mobile solutions that can achieve our client’s goals but won’t be outdated before the year is out.”

The company offers a free consultation for companies who want to see what this firm can do to propel them forward and manage their brand across social channels.

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