• Leaving reviews for the businesses you choose to work with is easier than ever before. You will be able to review a business on all of your favorite social networks from just one app. This makes it so you leave a positive or negative review and ensure that more people see it. Think of it as your way to contributing to the word of mouth marketing process without being inundated by a ton of work. The app is easy to use, so download it and start leaving reviews today!

  • Convert images from rasterized to vector in just moments. Get the files you need to convert from various sources, including your phone, the cloud, or DropBox. Choose the image size, the file type it’s currently in and what you want it converted to. You then have the image in the best format and saved to your device.

  • Take control of your environment more effectively with Ambient. Control sound levels around you as well as the user level of who you are speaking with. Simply slide the levels to go higher or lower as you deem necessary and become more efficient when you have the environment the way you desire.

  • There’s no longer the need to log into three or four different messaging programs. The new MESSAGES app is a convenient message aggregator that will allow you to pull all of your messages into a single program. This means you will be able to check Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more together. Ultimately, you finally have a messaging app that eliminates all of the other messaging apps.

  • Maintain greater control of what’s going on across your social networks by aggregating them into one user-friendly app. View messages, photos, friends, and more on the profile and have access to a dashboard with the touch of a button.